The Full Story

The phrase "Go Like Jesus" started a handful of years ago as a teaching series at a church I worked at. The phrase stuck with me and over time became something of a motto for my life. It's similar to the ole "What would Jesus Do" but in a much more active way. Pondering what Jesus would have done and actively doing it are two very different things. Of course, there is no way of truly knowing what Jesus would have actually done in any given situation, but nonetheless, we can try. That is the heart behind the phrase, this website and this ministry overall.    

I serve as the Junior High Pastor at Riverview Evangelical Free Church in Bonsall, CA. All words, thoughts and opinions/takes/bad jokes on this site are all my own and do not speak for Riverview. Unless, it's a good thing and it changes your life forever and ever, then absolutely it speaks for the church.  

Please feel free to contact me anytime. Unless its negative. In that case, what would Jesus do?




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