• annikampetersen

Finding Hope

Written by Abby Petersen

So I am one of those people who is obsessed with sunsets. Everyday around 7pm you will find me outside starring at the sky. No matter where I am I try to find the sun. My house doesn’t have the best view for the sunset, but I take any chance I get to watch the sun disappear and the stars come out. It is mesmerizing to see the glowing orange ball slowly sink away as it leaves streaks of pink and purple across the sky. Not only are these sunsets beautiful to look at and enjoy, but they remind me of the hope God gives us. Hope of another day to share His Word. Hope that God will put an end to this virus. Hope that God we will get us through these hard times. Hope that God will be with us in every moment leading the way. As we lean on the hope God gives us, we see how powerful he is and how even though things are out of our control, they are never out of God’s. As the sun sets tonight, just remember how powerful God is and how he is in control of everything. Lean on the Hope He gives us.

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