• Jordan Budke

Inner Dialogue: Should I Wear My Hat To Church?

Growing up I was raised to never wear my hat to church because it was disrespectful. But why was it disrespectful? Who was it disrespectful to? God? The pastor? My mom? I didn't get it. I didn't love church to begin with and now I can't wear my hat? Lame.

I wear a hat almost everyday. I feel very strange without a hat on. Similar to that feeling you get when you forget your phone or chapstick or gum and realize they're not in your pocket. That is the worst. When my head is bare I feel like something is missing. So being told I was being disrespectful when I wore a hat during church made me super uncomfortable.

Not everyone will agree with me on this but I get it now. I understand why I was raised this way..

When I wear a hat in church (or anytime I pray or read scripture) now I feel like my head is heavy but the moment I take it off I feel instant relief and a weight lifted off my spirit. There is something about uncovering yourself before The Lord. I can't really explain it. But we see this all throughout culture as well. It is considered to be good manners to take your hat off during the pledge of allegiance, the national anthem, a special ceremony or event, grandma and grandpas house etc.. It's a sign of reverence. I gotta admit, I haven't done a lot of studying on the topic. This is just an inner dialogue--thoughts I think to myself but don't really express out loud very often.

It might not be like this for everyone but it's like a natural response for me to take my hat off as a sign of respect. It doesn't feel right to keep it on. It feels disrespectful. Maybe it was just engrained into me from a young age. But it become an even more solidified conviction when I read in Corinthians about head coverings during prayer and prophesy. The scripture says men should not wear a covering, as their head is Christ, and should not have long hair. Scripture says that woman has a natural covering with their long hair and should not have short hair. Some say this no longer applies to the modern church. In my inner dialogue I tend to disagree.

All that to say, I still wear my hat to church but I for sure try to take it off for all prayer and scripture reading, as the Word says I should. Admittedly some times I forget. That's on me.

Not sure about you, but that is my inner dialogue.

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