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Life hunkering down

Two days before Gov. Newsom issued the stay at home order, I had reconstructive surgery on my foot and I’m not supposed to put any weight on it for six weeks. In a way this means I’m serving “concurrent sentences” while staying at home since almost anything I might want to go out and do I wouldn’t be able to do anyway because of the foot. That’s a blessing. But on the other hand, I can’t do things around the house either. Facebook, Internet news, the newspaper (on-line), and watching TV/movies are getting really old. Our sweet neighbor, Cindy, has been bringing over brownies and cookies. But eating is a real danger since I can’t exercise the way I usually do so those are accumulating in the fridge. Bored. I’m bored. BORED!

Our children and grandchildren are helping out by bringing things to us and leaving them on the porch. My wife, Linda, is taking really good care of me and she has picked up the household tasks I normally do. She’s a blessing. But this makes me even more bored. This afternoon, while Linda was upstairs recording a lesson for her Bible Study Fellowship class, I slipped into the kitchen and emptied the dish washer. Then I rolled into the bedroom on my knee scooter and folded the laundry. I hope that Linda won’t be upset when she notices. :)

What is wrong with me? My life is good. I have shelter, food, and a loving wife to care for me yet listen to me whining! Last week, Annika posted a blog entry about having an attitude of gratitude. I just re-read it and, honestly, the 17 year old high school junior has schooled the 72 year old Marine. These things hit me between the eyes: “we can’t forget to truly thank the Lord”, “we need to see life with a new perspective”, and “think of all the things you CAN do right now to make someone else smile”.

So I have decided to stop obsessing over how bored I am and start doing the things I can do. Emptying the dishwasher and folding laundry was something but this situation is actually ideal for a bunch of writing and editing that I have been procrastinating on literally for years. And there’s that pile of books that I need to read.

By the way, Linda discovered the empty dishwasher and folded clothes. She smiled and thanked me. It’s a start.

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