• Jordan Budke

My Dinner Was Better Than Your Dinner

I had pancakes tonight for the first time in who knows when. You ever taste something that you haven't had in a long while and wonder where it's been your whole entire life? That was me tonight.

These days sort of blur together like a scene from the movie "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray. I was taken back today when I realized that it was only April 1st. March was the longest month in recorded history--at least it felt like it. I thought for sure it was at least the middle of May. Touché to April Fools Day.

But I had the last word. I went toe to toe with societal rules, grabbed him by the shoulders, looked him in the eyes and threw him out the door! Get outta here with your guidelines and regulations. We're living in the lawless age of Corona and I will have whatever I want for dinner--including breakfast!

And you know what? I know you all assumed I ate it with syrup. But I didn't. I rolled each one up like a taquito and ate it up like there was no tomorrow!

Shed some of that stress-weight and add it back on with a little carb weight with breakfast for dinner.

Praise God.

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