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Putting Your Trust in God

Hi everyone! It feels like years since I've seen everyone and I'm disappointed that the year got cut short because it was my last one in the junior high group. But don't worry, I'll figure out how to sneak my way back down there.

On a serious note though, we're actively living in a historic time. In hundreds of years, children will learn about us in their history class. But most events in history aren't joyful times. And if there is, there's usually something bad behind it. Slavery is eradicated in America? Well, there was just the most gruesome battle in American history, the Civil War. Mankind landed on the moon? America's president died a few years before. And right now, we know that we are living in the sad, devastating, period before the finish line. We're living in a very scary time, a time that it's easy to worry, easy to lose sight of our rock, God.

When I was presented the opportunity to write an entry on this website, I opened my Bible and right where my bookmark was located stood the perfect chapter to write about. I'm talking about Psalm 18. The first verse literally says it. "I love you, O Lord, my strength". That should literally be our motto in life. I get it, it's really hard to let go and just say "Lord, I trust you and I know that you will provide me what I need." That's easier said than done. I personally struggle with this and the current situation that we're all in is not helping either. `

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