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Quiet Time

Written by Eden Mills

I was Sitting on the couch reading my favorite book, when I screamed inside my head “When will this torture end!”. I slammed my book on the couch and walked away from my sisters who were playing happily on the carpet floor. I was going crazy, this quarantine was killing me! everywhere I turned there were my little sisters, they were getting on my nerves. I couldn’t ever escape them! I walked past the table and I saw my purple Bible sitting on it. A quick thought passed through my mind “I should read it.”. Then I realized “I can later, I should finish my book it was getting good, and I could read it on my bed.”. Days passed by and I became more and more grumpy, and I saw my Bible about once a day. It was like it was begging me to read it, and every time I saw it I thought “I’ll read it later”. Every little thing that was happening was driving me to become a monster and was making me want to scream and bite everyone’s head off. Then I did it, I was so bored and angry, I finally read my bible. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done! While I was opening it my whole body was screaming no! I read 1 Peter chapter one. And oh man it was good even though I got bored now and then, when I dug deeper I realized things I didn’t know. I also found out from my dad that the devil was making me not want to read my Bible, and for quite a while it worked. It takes every thing I got to read the Bible, and sometimes I don’t ever read it for weeks at a time. but after I read it I was happier and less depressed. Trust me it works and it WILL BE HARD! But like every thing else you’ve got to work for it, and 1 Peter is really good!!!

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