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Spear of Strength

Sup dudes! Jordan asked me to make a blog about quarantine and the Bible, so I'm writing one. Here goes. Life during the corona-cation started out super slow. I did the exact same things everyday, over and over again. I was so bored but I never bothered to try something different. That was quarantine week one in a nutshell. The second week I started a new project. Using old metal in our garage I started making a spear(like the weapon). I've been working on it up until now, and it's still not finished.

Here's where I tie this to God. I've put a lot of time into this spear. I had to assemble all my metal, get the tools, design what I want, make sure I have everything I need. Then I have to actually put it together. I have to cut out the tip, and weld it to the shaft. I have to grind everything down and make adjustments. When a problem arises I have to fix it to make my spear stronger. Having a relationship with God is like my spear. It takes time, and you have to work on it constantly. I can't grab some random metal and go, "okay, be a spear!" and then give up when nothing happens. Like that, you cant expect your relationship with God to get any closer if you don't put anything into it.

Your relationship with God isn't going to be instantaneous, nor will it be easy. Even once you accept Jesus Christ as you savior, there will be bumps in the road. When problems arise, you'll have to deal with them, and your faith will become all the stronger for it. You're going to have to work at it constantly. If I stuck a tip on the shaft of my spear and stopped there, would it hold up? No, it would fall to pieces, useless. That's why I keep working. That's why you have to keep working on you relationship with God, so it will last and be strong. So it will protect you from anything the enemy can throw at you.

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