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Stay Positive

Guys, I'm about to admit a pretty unpopular opinion. The quarantine is actually very relaxing. I don't have as much schoolwork, I'm not running around to get to all my extracurricular activities. Honestly, you'd think I'd be fighting with my brother more, but we are actually doing more things together. We take walks, sit and talk about random stuff, and make silly videos. The quarantine kind of blindsided us both and my brother was really going crazy at the beginning, but we've both gotten better. I know that staying positive is key.

Everyone has different ways of staying calm, relaxing, and remaining positive. Some listen to music, some read, some nap, some watch the sunset (I see you, Abby). If you don't know what calms you down, if there isn't an automatic answer, you need to find your answer. The Bible tells you that being positive is the best possible thing. In Proverbs 17:22, it says "A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." And honestly, have you ever been sad and thought, "This is exhausting."? Exactly! It's just so much work to be upset.

Just know, I'm not telling you that it's wrong to be upset. I know, sometimes you want to let it all out. Scream and cry. But after that, take a deep breath, calm yourself down and go back to it. Don't sit and sulk and let bad stuff ruin your day. My grandma once told me that your entire day is a river and everything that happened is a leaf, floating in the river. You can choose whether to pick out a moldy, crumbly leaf or a crisp, vivid leaf. I'm sure you've guessed that the moldy leaves are bad events in your day and the crisp leaves are good events. Which leaf are you going to grab?

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