• annikampetersen

Take Courage

This last week, as most of you I know, was the bioluminescence or “glowing water” at most of the beaches in San Diego. I saw it at first from a distance and was truly captivated by the fact that the water was literally neon blue. I decided to surf in it last Thursday and WOAH, it was probably the coolest thing I have ever done in my life! I would move my hand across the water and it would light up and I would duck dive under a wave and my entire board would leave a glowing stream of blue behind me. It’s one of those moments you know you’re going to remember for the rest of your life and tell stories about it to your kids and maybe even your grandkids.

The whole science behind bioluminescence is probably really cool and all BUT for me being in that water was a beautiful example of Gods power and His vastness. The water only glows at night and when there is motion evolved, it activates. It’s scary surfing at night, you can’t see the waves come before the break, you have no idea what’s under you, and there’s no light to show you where your going. We as Christians need to step out boldly and go into the scary, dark, unknown ocean in order to see Gods power MOVE. Just like the water glowing in motion, Gods power lights up in us taking action! God calls us to have courage, it isn’t just an option for those who feel confident enough or ready to go, it’s for all of us, no matter how we feel. Fear will always be present, which is why is takes so much strength and courage to be bold. We need to live a life being ready and willing for God to use us and ACTIVATE us for His glory. We need to choose obedience over our own comfort and safety. It’s time to go set the world on fire for Jesus!




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