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Teamwork & Trees

600+ trees in two days. That's how many avocado trees we planted this last weekend up on Rossi Ranch. Avocados are of course delicious but on this ranch they are especially important and valuable. This 12 acre ranch has a specific duty and that is to provide the best avocados that is physically possible. All throughout the season they are shipped all over the world to people who look forward to this fruit from this specific ranch. These trees are no joke, so this was no small task.

600 is a big number. I've never counted that high and honestly, I'm not sure I'd be able to do it very easily even if I tried. You want to know something else that I wouldn't be able to do very easily even if I tried? Plant 600 trees by myself. Thankfully, I didn't have to. We had a full team of people each working hard doing their own specific job which made the process as seamless as possible.

We started a little after 7:00am while the cool morning air was still a bit damp and our hands were just enough to that level of cold where it was uncomfortable unless you had gloves. There were 22 rows with about 35 holes per row. Each hole meticulously spaced from the next for a purpose. Jacinto led our charge by digging these holes. Next up--me! My job was to place a tree in each of the 35 holes in each row. Directly behind me was Farmer Joe (our leader and head-honcho) and my fiancé, Rebecca, planting each tree. Following them were Rebecca's cousins, Julia and Kelsey, who watered and placed a small protective box around each tree so the rabbits couldn't eat the baby trees.

As the morning moved on and the noon sky began to show, our team grew to almost twice its size! Joey, Kelsi, Dawson, Carter, and of course our little 2 year old sidekick, Lil Joe. The more hands on deck the more work we could get done!

At the end of the weekend it was awesome to see the job well done and the work we had accomplished, but what stood out even more was knowing how the job was done--teamwork. We each played an important role in getting the job done. Something that seemed like such a massive task turned out to be not so drastic after all because of the teamwork we had with one another. What was once an empty plot of land with holes in it is now going to be a beautiful landscape that brings food to the tables of people worldwide.

Find your team and get it done.

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