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The Attitude Of Gratitude

When someone goes out of their way and does something nice for you it’s normal to express thankfulness and gratitude by saying thank you, right?

I can remember a few weeks ago I was just having a bad week and really struggling with friends and school and my health. I was missing a lot of school for doctors appointments so I was super behind and I was constantly getting distracted and worrying about what was going on. I randomly got a text from a few friends saying they wanted to meet me after water polo practice. I thought nothing of it and after practice I walked over and they had gotten me a gift. I was not only struck by the fact that they had thought of me, but also the fact that they got things they knew I would enjoy, showing even more compassion. It was combination of all things I genuinely enjoy and they know that because they know me. The gratitude I felt in my heart was overwhelming and it truly inspired me to do something like that to make another persons day brighter. It’s contagious!!

There is so much power in gratitude and we need to show gratitude to God more than we realize. I feel like when we pray we spend all the time in our head asking for things we want HIM to change in our life or help us with. Continue to do that yes, but we can’t forget to truly thank the Lord and sing praises to Him for His love. His love endures forever and His plan for us is His will over us and we need to give thanks to Him for that even when it’s hard or not going our way. We need to see life at a new perspective. Especially right now with all that’s going on. Try to find time to thank God. Think of all the things you CAN do right now to make someone else smile. People are feeling worried and lonely right now which gives us an opportunity to show God’s love. Give Him the glory too, show others that He is your drive and your reason behind your actions. Trade the anxiety for joy and the brokenness for love. Colossians 3:17 says to do everything in the name of the Lord. So no matter what you do, remember to praise God and give him thanks for whatever situation you’re in because His plan is greater than you could imagine.

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