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The Power Of Palms

Palm Sunday is something that people know about, but is obviously not talked about as much as Easter is. We know about it as a day with songs, palm branches, and communion. I know for me, I know WAY more about Easter than I do Palm Sunday. However, that doesn’t mean this day wasn’t important.

This last Sunday, my family and I really tried to recreate Palm Sunday the way the church would. We had palm trees hanging around our TV as we watched Pastor Mel’s sermon on the screen, we read Matthew chapter 21 out loud to get a better idea of what this day would have looked like many many years ago. My whole life I have celebrated this day with songs and communion, but I don’t know if I ever knew what this day truly held and what impact it really had.

It’s funny how we always think of this day as a whole bunch of people just waving around palm branches while Jesus rides in triumphantly on a donkey. After reading Matthew chapter 21, you realize, the story of this day isn’t focused on those things at all. Jesus didn’t enter the city to enjoy the praises and walk through the parade, He was on his way to cleanse the temple. Jesus knew what was coming and he knew that the people needed to be saved from the lies they were believing. He knew He needed to destroy the blockage that held people back from seeing God’s true grace. He was so upset because instead of the temple being a place prayer, healing, and praises praise God, it had turned into a place of robbers where people turned others away from the Lord, due to the thought of becoming rich themselves. This is why Jesus drove them out. However, after all this he went straight to showing people what the church should look like. He began healing people and rejoicing over the Lord’s blessings.

So instead of thinking about Palm Sunday as a day to wave palm trees, think about it as a cleansing of the church and a way to say that your heart is a place of sacred healing and praise, and that there is no room for a den of robbers there.

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