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Time with God. Tips, Advice and Encouragement

Time With God

Tips, Advice and Encouragement

by: Jason Fredregill

Tips for Daily Devotion

1. Pick a specific time. It’s up to you when you decide to do it – morning, afternoon, evening. God doesn’t care. My recommendation though is to do it in the morning. This is a good time for a couple of reasons. 1. It’s a great way to start your day. 2. It’s cool to see what God does as you spend time with Him early in the day and then let His Word marinate in your heart and mind throughout the day.

2. Make it a part of your daily routine. This is more than just picking a time to do it. This is scheduling the time and marking it as “busy.” That means that nothing can interfere with this time set aside with God. Making it a routine also makes it a lot easier to make it a habit.

3. Find a good spot. It doesn’t have to be anywhere spectacular. Some do it while still in bed, others in the bathroom and others with a cup of coffee on the patio. The trick is to find a place where you won’t be bothered or interrupted. A nice quiet place is the perfect place.

4. Spend time in prayer. Remember that God also wants to spend time with you. It’s not just reading the Bible. God wants to hear what is going on in your life. He wants to be invited in. Prayer is also a great place for God to speak to you. He has amazing things to say through His Word, but He also has amazing things He likes to whisper to you in the quietness of prayer.

5. Journal. This may sound like keeping a diary, but it’s so much more (and different) than that. Journaling allows you to keep track of what you are reading. It also allows you to write down thoughts or questions you may have as you read. Journaling also allows you to have a place you can go back to when you need encouragement from something you have read in the past. And since we’re talking about journaling…this is a great place to write down your prayers. Writing down your prayers lets you see how God answers them and reminds you of what you need to continue praying for.

6. Ask someone to keep you accountable. Any good habit is always better with a friend. Ask someone to keep you accountable in your new routine of spending time with God. Be sure to check in with each other and don’t be afraid to share what God is teaching you.

If you have never read the Bible on a regular basis, here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Use the Bible App or

You can use the verse of the day, start reading through the Bible or even use one of their reading plans – they have tons to choose from on many different topics for people of all ages and levels of faith.

2. Watch or listen to recorded messages. Many churches have their sermons available online and many other places offer daily video devotions. 

I do a video devotion every Monday through Friday and make them available our Youth Instagram (@nowhereyouth) and on YouTube (

3. Get a devotion book to go through. Like the reading plans on the Bible App, there are books out there on every topic, every book of the Bible for every reader of any age or level of faith. Many of these books can be ordered or downloaded from Amazon. Check with your youth leader, small group leader or Pastor for recommendations.

4. Incorporate other things into your devotion time like listening to worship music, writing, drawing, going for a walk or whatever helps you to hear God and process what He is speaking to you.

There is no right way or wrong way to spend time with God. This is a personal thing between you and your Savior. The only wrong way to do a devotion is to not do one. I think every person should try to give God 30 minutes a day, but if you are just starting out and don’t think you can do 30 minutes – try 5 minutes. Something is definitely better than nothing and God can always build something great out of a little. I have seen some pretty amazing Lego sculptures, but the truth about every single one of them is that they all began with just one block.

You can do it! Give God the first block and see what amazing creation He can build with it.

“Set your mind on things above” Colossians 3:2a

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