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What In The World Am I Doing?


What a weird little phenomenon our culture embraced a dozen or so years ago. I can remember a time when a "blogger" or a "blog" was like dandruff that someone would flick off their shoulder. Some people still have a distaste for bloggers and consider them not to be taken seriously. Some, on the other hand, consider blogging as revolutionary and as a "journalism of the future". Whatever you want to call it, blogging is everywhere. It's almost impossible to avoid. Every entry you search onto Google has a million (more or less) different blogs ranging from personal stories like "How I Discovered I Am The Greatest To Ever Live" to "Best 10 Ways to Groom Your Pet Lizard". There are smart blogs, dumb blogs, serious blogs, hilarious blogs, political blogs, religious blogs, appropriate blogs and inappropriate blogs. Every single one like a glorified, technological diary that instead of closing and placing on your nightstand, you click "post" and place it on the worldwide web for the world to see.

For years I have desired to put my thoughts onto paper. I have always enjoyed and admired the written form and feel as though my brain functions best when I go letter by letter instead of sentence to sentence with speech. I have time to organize my thoughts and reread the words I have written, whereas with speech it is often like flying by the seat of your pants. Not processing your words before you say them and not thinking about direction and why you said what you said. There are no bounds for the levels of recklessness that I can get myself into when I talk. Writing, which I don't do often but am encouraging and challenging myself to do more of, helps me stay out of trouble (at least as much) and puts me more so on a path towards clarity and direction.

That is what leads me here. Last year I got my dream job working as a Youth Pastor at Riverview Church in Bonsall, CA. It is a job that I feel created to do and a job that continually pushes me to grow and to be a better human overall. Although, with this dream of mine came another dream of not just serving and attempting to impact the community around me but in addition to that, the desire and the challenge of serving and impacting communities that aren't around me. Communities and individuals that gather each and every day on the internet. The internet is a space that consumes so much of our time and demands so much of our attention. Between social media, news sites, streaming or my personal favorite--shopping--most of us spend hours upon hours per week in these little makeshift communities and tribes online.

Go Like Jesus is the motto and brand of our Junior High ministry here at Riverview Church. It is a motto that I have kept close to me for several years now. You can read more about that on the "About" page on this site. It is a challenge and a reminder that is highlighted in everything we do. My desire is to take this motto and to create it into a culture the spans all throughout my surrounding community and the communities surrounding those ones and so on and so forth. The truth is, we are created for more. We are created to be more. We are created to live for more. We are simply, and dynamically, created for more. But we will never see any of what that "more" might be unless we look to Jesus and examine His life, His words and His desires.

It is when we meet Jesus that we desire to Go Like Jesus.

So this is it. Welcome to my glorified diary. I will be here as often as I can sharing all sorts of different things whether it be spiritual, personal or regular ole food for thoughts. You might treat this as dandruff on your shoulder or as a journalistic masterpiece of the future. Whatever you might think of it, I just hope you read it, reflect on it and ultimately, Go Like Jesus.

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