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When Your Companion Fails You

The laptop screen is blank as I sit for a half hour using all brain power to come up with something to write. I’m not much of an off the cuff writer and to be completely honest, would much rather be writing about weighty thoughts and the depth of a troubled mind…..butttt I didn’t think at this time that would be the most appropriate content to be publishing. What to write, what to write. Come on Lord give me a signnn! Tell me what you want me to writ-*meow*, ah finally some company. My cat, Dinah, who just strolled in for a visit can hopefully help me think of some ideas. “What do you think, Dinah? Should I concoct a tale of adventure in the workplace? Maybe a daring story of my journey to the fridge? Or how about…Dinah?...What are you…DOING?!? What is wrong with you?!? And you call yourself a companion?? GET OUT!”.......she peed on the bed.

Lesson learned: My cat is for sale.

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